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    2001 GTI Oil Issue

    A friend gave me a non running 2001 GTI and I'm having some issues getting it to run. Had a bad starter so that was replaced. Now it will turn over just fine, but it doesn't fire. Starter fluid can get it to sputter, but it dies really fast. When trying to start it there was a ton of smoke, oil dripping out of the exhaust and the plugs were fouled from oil. I figured it was getting too much oil so I pinched the oil line going to the oil pump. It would start and run as long as I gave it a little throttle. The ski has compression and spark. I've put in new spark plugs, battery, and starter. Can I adjust the oil pump so that it isn't dumping as much oil into the cylinders? Or is something else likely causing this?

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    Would anyone recommend converting it to premix and bypassing the oil pump?

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    no, do not remove the oiler pump.

    what you have is a big leak from the rotary valve seal.

    if might have come from the ski sitting for a long time, as non-running skis tend to sit.

    lay off the starter fluid. you will hurt yourself.

    get a squirt bottle and put in a few oz of fuel and 1 oz injector oil.

    as painful as it is, you are going to likely change and clean the plugs a dozen times or more.

    why is the starter toast?..the engine has problems and repeated crank and pray melted it.

    don't fall into that trap.

    clean plugs ( gumout) , squirt gas down jugs, repalce plugs, crank engine sputters..., pull plugs, clean plugs, squirt gas in jugs and repeat.

    at some point the engine will have blown enough oil out to stop fouling the plugs

    there are numerous threads on this a little searching

    watch the starter time and charge battery between attempts.

    Can take up to an hour to get this done.

    good luck.

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    I don't think it is from sitting, the guy I got it from ran it all last summer until it wouldn't start and he took it to the mechanic (who I think blew the starter trying to get it run).
    Why do you say the starter fluid will hurt me? With no starter fluid it won't sputter at all. Last weekend I was able to get it to run steady for maybe 20 seconds, but I had to use starter fluid to get it going. How come that wouldn't blow out the excess oil?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm a little confused, which seal are you referring to? I added a couple pictures from the parts diagram to make it a little easier. Similiar threads seemed to suggest that it might be a crankshaft issue, but I don't get how the crankshaft affects the rotary valve seal or oil delivery.

    Thanks for the help, I'm really lost with this ski.

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    Do more reading


    Check out how the rotary valve shaft is driven

    Use fuel with oil or even wd40 NOT ETHER/ engine starter fluid

    If you continue to ask why all Iíll say is:

    Read up on that

    Crank cases are loaded with oil 20 seconds x 5 maybe

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