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    Stage III problem

    i´m having problem with my stage III ,engine overheats ,have the thermostat and the 15/19R but RPM 8600 ! should be 8400 ? what should i do? NOTE ,this is the first stage III in my country and the dealer could be doing something wrong with the setup on the cpu.

    thank´s Kawifan no wonder

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    Riva Intercooler?

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    if you are turning 8600 rpm and want it back down to 8400 just add 2mm to the trailing edge of the prop

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    if you are already at that RPM with a non bent prop then you want to change the knozzle ring to a smaller one to get more speed and bring down the rpms....

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    RIVA cooler YES this is a RIVA stage III complete


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    are you running the water stainer, if it is overheating stat at the pump make sure the water reducer washer is in you have to remove the pump for this, then go to the intercooler and flush it out I think there is something on this in the Tip of the day section, double check the hoses for kinks and are they ran the correct way, remove the hose in the back (inside the hull) that connects to the pump and blow through you should here water bubbling in the water box should be fairly easy to blow through, then remove the J pipe and make the 3 holes at the flanged part one size bigger then reinstall and make sure the clamp is not on the holes I only used 2 clamps instead of the 3 that was on it, this should fix the problem it is not as much work as it sounds but that is how I fixed my problem and found that I had a bad RIVA intercooler

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