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    Depth finder help

    I opted for the Norcross, prolly a waste. but $400 for the stock one is still steep.It's not picking up the bottom all I get on the display is --- ft
    Anyone have this unit and can help get it working. I used the 5200 3M epoxy like I saw others had used. Probably I'll have to remount the transducer? Thanks

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    Yes, I have the Norcross. If you mount it right it will work fine. At least mine does.
    I mounted the transducer in the proper spot in the hull and it works fine.

    You should NOT use 3M 5200, that's silicone and it does not conduct sound very well. You should use any brand of 30-minute EPOXY (mix 2 parts).

    Now about the mounting. The hull is at an angle to the bottom of the lake so you have to mount the transducer at an angle so it directs the sound perpendicular to the lake bottom. I cut 3 small squares of some scrap plexiglass (which makes a stack about 3/16 to 1/4 inch tall). I 30-min expoxied them together and to the bottom of the transducer. I then carefully sanded down one side to form a angle of plexiglass to better match the angle of the hull at the mounting point. Sand at an angle until one side of the plexiglass is almost to the transducer body and the other side is untouched. Then use 30-min epoxy to glue the transducer to the hull in the transducer circle built into the hull. You could use any hard plastic or aluminum instead of plexiglass, I just had plexiglass. It must be hard material to transfer the sound. Finally, I pulled the steering handle bars cover, cut a 2" hole there and mounted the display in the handle bars. Oh, I also wired it through a switch that I mounted in the front of my glove box so I can turn it off and on.

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