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    MSX 150 again!!!!!

    Hello to all you very helpful people!

    You may not remeber but I was having problems with water in my oil, after taking off the oil tank and spilting it, there was actually a part missing (the splash guard) and the top half was lightly corroded due to sea water. We decided to change the tank (thanks Jay from Atlantic Power Sports).

    Took it out for a test on Sunday she had never ran so well - at least thats how it felt, was'nt out for long mainly due to it being 5degrees and blowing a force seven, perhaps 15min tops.

    My reason for requesting your assitance again, is when I got it back on the trailer and let the bungs go about two gallons of hot water came out the hull.

    The only other job I did whilst waiting for the oil tank, was too add a pump wedge as previously advised. The additional pump wedge (there was already one in I guess this is factory fitted), meant that 25mm (guess) rigid black pipe coming out of the back did'nt drive all the way home into the socket. But should this matter?,

    My questions are then as follows:

    1) Could I have possibily misfitted the new oil tank?, it all seems good, the bottom hose was a bit fiddly.

    2) What is the rigid black pipe and does it need to be 100% water tight?.

    3) What else could I have done wrong!!!!!!

    Thanks in anticipation

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    On the wedge, you should be going from the 4 degree to the 6. You need to remove one before installing the other. Make sure the wide part is at the bottom.
    On the hot water, if it were mine, I'd leave the boat tied to the trailer and back her in far enough to get the pump in the water so you can draw water and have load on the engine. Start it while tied to the trailer and check for leaks.

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