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    Memorial Day accidents

    I rode a little bit Sunday and Monday. I was terrified each day. Sunday a kid about side swiped me, I had to cut sharp at the last second. Today I'm cruising at about 30 mph and out of the corner of my eye I see the bow of a boat. Turned and looked and the guy was like 20 feet to my left. He just waved at me. The lake wasn't crowded either. 2 minutes later and out of fuel, the reason I'm cruising, a 25-30 ft cabin cruiser passes me on the right. The problem the shore and docks are 100 ft on my right. I was riding as close to shore as the law allows (actually it may be 150 ft here not sure)and trying to cruise back to the ramp without running out of fuel. Well of course as soon as the pass me they start drifting right back into the channel and in front of me with that huge wake. Made me mad and I said f**k it, if I run out of fuel so be it and kicked it into high the rest of the way to the ramp. Heres an article about a wreck at a lake close by.

    1 guy had to be air lifted out.

    I'll stick to my week day rides by my lonesome.

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    Just go to the news section. Folks were getting hurt by the "boat loads."

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    this is the exact reason why i DO NOT ride on any picnic-ing holiday. to many idiots out their. instead my buddy took his dad's yacht out for a sweet day

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    I hear ya, holiday weekends are not a good time to ride around here. Way too many people out there and usually you can read about some of them in the paper on Monday.

    Kind of sucks to defer, but better safe than sorry...

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    thats why we took my buddy's boat 2 a cove sunday & watch all the crazy people go by burn a lot less gas thata way but i did ride sat

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