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    Let's continue ou812's discussion on intake dia.

    Let's revisit his question about changing diameter of air inlet before the SC. I had kept up with his post until it made my head hurt reading all of the posts. Forget water falling. Let's start over. Please. I had been thinking about this long before he posted asking about it and here is my .02 on it. You may want change back, it is 1:30 a.m. and this may not make as much sense as I think.
    Changing diameter of intake tubing is beneficial if done correctly. How do you think race cars can make tons of power with a restrictor plate? You have to use intake tube length into the equation. Smaller diameter with the same volume of air means more velocity. Race cars put long tubes in front of restrictor plates with a velocity stack in front of the tuned length. So now you are tuning the length of the intake tube to your power needs, airflow demand, and RPM. I know that NA engines and FI engines are totally different but the purpose is still the same. Get the right amount of air in, as much velocity as you can (small tube) without it creating a restriction, and I think it would be ideal. I would think that a 4in tube with a tuned velocity stack as close to the SC as possible would be your best bet. I don't think you could fit a correct velocity inline with the SC on a stock setup due to having a 90 degree bent so close the SC inlet. This is why I think the rear air intakes work as well as they do. Great volume at the opening and funneling smoothly to the SC inlet with as few bends as possible. I really think that if someone were to put alot of time into R&D you may be able to get a front air intake to work as well as the rear air. Provided you could fit it all in the hull. If I could get my hands on a few velocity stacks I would love to try it. Knowing my luck though it would be a huge waste of time.

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    No mas. Spend the time and money testing every conceivable setup and let us know what you come up with.

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    I said I would love to try, never said I was willing.
    Do you see how small the inside diameter is on the stack? There is a way for it to be efficient, good luck finding it.
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