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    I Need Some Help!!!

    Hey everyone, I put my 2006 rxp with just over 5 hours on it in the water this weekend and for the first 30 minutes or so it ran great.. then i shut it off for a matter of ten minutes or so to chat with some friends and when i went to start it back up i heard this knocking sound and when i looked down at my rpms.. it was only jumping between 450 and 500 rpm... i shut it off right away and restarted it. upon the second start it did the same thing but this time i gave it some throttle and it seemed to come out of it.. but when i would let off the throttle the rpms still seemed to jump more then the usually do and were only between 1200 and 1560. since it was still acting up i took it to shore and let it sit for about twenty minutes then took it out again and started.. the knocking seemed to have gone away... so i took it out for a crusie only to find out when i let off the throttle it was doing it again... Help my guys whats wrong with my new machine?!?!?!?!?!

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    do you still have a warranty?

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    yes i do still have the warrenty and i also baught the extended warrenty. Do you think its something serious??

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