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    rough weekend help

    Well i got 2 brand new jet works sealed batteries one for the virage one for the pro 1200 pro 1200 fired right up saturday then went to ride it today fired right up rode for about an hour doing speed runs 63.2 by the way and then parked her for a few hours went to start her again no dice so my question is how often do you need to battery tender these things during cranking the mfd was reading 12.3 -12.5 non cranking 13.2.

    Now the virage charged it wed. installed in boat went to start sat. fired up for 3 sec. then died then no spark after that cranking it was reading the same 12.3-12.5 put the tender on it charged for a while then said it was 100% went to start same cranking volts no spark what is going on here what do you need for volts to creat spark to start ????

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    What does the voltage drop to while you're cranking the engine? I guess some are saying it needs to be 10.5 or something of that sort.
    I go by the cranking amps.
    What are the cranking amps of the batteries you bought?
    How much lighter/heavier are they over the old battery?

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