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    VXR cam part numbers for FZR upgrade

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the VXR cams that are an upgrade for the FZR? I have a 14 SVHO.

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    They are items 1 and 2 on this page

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    what is the difference between the 6BH-12171-00-00 and 6BH-12171-10-00 and the 6BH-12181-00-00 and the 6BH-12181-10-00?

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    Do the 2011 and 2016 vx cams share the same specs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWHC View Post

    Hey jerry you can swap cam gears from the 2015 to 2016 style and vise versa cant you?
    2016 and up use a different cam gear. 2015 and older cam gears won't fit a 2016 cam and vice versa

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    I have some vxr cams that I bought for my 2015 fzr. in top shape. pm me if you want them

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    Are they all the same lift and duration?

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    Pmd you rxpdoo

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    I have used various year VXR cams in my 2014 and 2017 SVHO skis and used the cam gears that came on SVHO ski I was putting them in with no problems. You just have to use the right cam gears per what chain you are running.
    When updating the pre 2016 svho with 2016 timing chain setup you install the 2016 cam gears and they fit.

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    Hi! Can i use 2011 vxr cams on a svho with stg2 from maptune?

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