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    98 exciter 270 no spark cdi?

    hi i have a 98 exciter twin 65u motors

    one will not start ,no spark
    checked lanyard and the other kill swihces and there all good

    first time the prob hapened
    ran all day 4 hr and then motor died
    so i messed with it and nothing
    messed withe the wires in the dash and it poped rigth off ran fine
    took it out today and it kep dieing at idle
    7 min later died and no spark
    messed with it for 4hr on the lake
    wiggled every wire in the dash no good

    do the CDI go out

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    The wonderful part about twins is you can swap out parts from one to the other til you find the problem.That way you don"t waste money on the wrong parts

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