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    1999 Yamaha xl 1200

    Looking to buy my first waverunner, and had a question about the 99 xl 1200s. They look like they are pretty dependable, and the reviews seem to be very good. I was wondering about the "best bang for the buck" mod? What can I do to get a few more mph's out of it.

    Im brand new to the forum, and read alot about the gp1200. Is that just the 2 seater version of the xl? They have the same engine, correct?

    Thanks to all..


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    Go fast mods? Usual...intake grate, rideplate (esp. if it porpoises), waveeater clips if it has PV's, impeller.
    XL and GP have slightly diff. hulls, but ya a GP is a 2 seater, more perf. oriented, XL is more recreational (but still a blast). We have one of each!

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    thanks for the info stealth.. my buddy has a stock 1200xl and its a blast, plenty of room for storage as well.

    had a question abøut the D plate... should I get one, or just wait for the CC to fail. What kind of performace increase should I see? Any disadvantages of going with it?

    Just curious, whats the top speed of your xl?

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    just got through building a 99 xl1200 and its a very fun toy, 5 hrs on new motor. i also did a few bolt ons nothing major. after buying the ski and adding all the stuff i did , jim cut ride plate, ect,ect i am gps at 64 mph with half a take of fuel not to bad for a big 3 seater, and have $5,000 in everything.

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    a d plate imo is a must, if you wait till it goes bad it migh cause engine failure, and thats not good.

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    How does the broken cat cause engine failure? I have heard yes and no on this one....since its down stream of the engine, I dont see how this happens?
    FWIW, I did mine at 50hrs. My cat was still fine. Its a bit of a bugger of a job...can take anywhere from 1-3hrs IMO. I dont see a negative to doing it though. It does change the exhaust note a bit to my ears. In a very small rpm range, the motor has a deeper growl, then it goes away. The growl sounds like an older corvette motor with headers. Not unpleasant, just strange for a PWC.
    Perf. increase from a d-plate IMO is negligible, unless you have other mods that require a more free-flowing exhaust.

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    anyone reccomend a good place for the d plate. Looks like the average price is about 70-80 bucks. do you also need that sensor thing as well?

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    Yes, Need Sensor To Stop The Beeping.

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    Newbie here..,
    What is a d-plate?

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    d plate replaces the cat converter. which means cooler temps
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