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    Does jetworks mod increase idle smoke?

    I have several new things on my boat this year, including alot more oil smoke when idleing and cruising idle zones. One thing I thought of was maybe without water in the waterbox to scrub some exhaust fumes at idle, maybe it would be the cause of more oil smoke. I'm using same oil as before and also same as in my other boats.

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    Yes, since the water is not dumping in constantly anymore until the 3000+ or whatever RPM you set the jetworks, your visible smoke at idle will be more "slightly" evident....not alot, but slightly more

    If you look at how the OEM water dumps in right at the end of the stinger tail flange, there are little holes that spray there before it goes into the water box. Yes, It has a scrubbing effect.

    Good observation. Its good to be very observant about the little changes that take place when mods are done.

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