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    Down goes the 1200XLL w/ scuffed cylinder- Need some thoughts!

    Just got the 1200XLL back together after adding a few mods over the winter, before I have to take it apart again. Didn't know to prime the oil lines!

    Added IR Full Mod Plate, Jetting, Oil Lines, and Primer Kit+ Tau Ceti's. I coupled them with the Pro-Tec Head and jetworks. ever got to try my new prop yet.

    Ran for 5-10 mins at low speeds. Finally thought it was time to go, as I did a final check to make sure oil was flowing into the lines from the pump. Hit 7000 RPM and the ski would quit. Started, stoped, started, stope and wouldn't crank for a few minutes - anyone getting the picture?

    Checked the #3 oil line when I finally made it back to shore and found that oil didn't quite get all the way to the carb . Pulled the plug and found metal specks on the electrode - pulle dthe head and found some piston contact to the bore - not deep. Looked like a little more detonation.

    I included pics of the bore + some of #1 (pics where you can see the transfer ports. The damage to the bore looks like smudging, no scratches. I think it's fixable, but not sure about the rod or needle bearings running without oil.

    What do you think? What about the detonation, is that normal of oil starvation?

    Thanks to XL1200Ltd-Keith for a bunch of help, including some photo tips!
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