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    Custom wedge..anyone??

    Hi guys, new here and loving the ultra more day by day. It is the fastest production ski out of the box, the aftermarket just needs a bit more time to catch up. Im pretty sure 80+ speeds are possible with this the meantime i suggest gaining weight. Yes, heavier riders will go faster in this ski if they shift their weight rearwards or attempt a superman. That is something i have tested with my garmin etrex where we rode flat out and my friend was constantly getting one more mile than me in flat water.

    The thing with the ultra's is that they are in desperate need of raising there noses up to get more speed. I have two questions to ask you guys;

    I know the wedge helps, but has anybody tried a custom wedge, one that angles the pump more upwards than the lx wedge people are using?

    I know the ski is already heavy enough, but do you think that if one would add weight towards the end of the ski then this might help raise the front thus lowering drag and attaining better top speeds?

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    From what I understand,,,, the extra angle of a wedge adds more pump pressure. This could be good if the boat was lighter.

    Adding extra degrees in the wedge for others has done nothing other then slow them down. More nose lift will start to take away from those rough water wins we love so much.

    Time will tell as we and others are at a wall. Nothing is out yet, though R-Rated was kicking some butt a few weeks ago with a complete kit. They are still in prototype phasing of a kit.

    I'm to meet with a "performance leader" during the races this coming weekend. He has the shop, contacts, extensive knowledge and the desire to start on the 250X. He has asked to meet with me in regards to the Project250X and my hopes is to work out an alliance with him. If this does go as we have talked then some truly powerful stuff will soon be available and the information gap between the East Coast and West Coast will be bridged.

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    I`m waiting for adjustable nozzle trim...

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    I'm no tech but I could swear my Ultra goes faster when I add a passenger and we both sit back as far as possible.

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    Welcome TurboAD,
    80 will be a while away...if ever on a gasoline setup.

    I agree, getting the weight to the rear DOES make a difference on all skis.

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    Cant wait for the performance packages, im guessing a pulley, fuel-tuner combo would provide quite a good gain on this motor.

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