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    Not Getting Spark -- Any ideas??

    Ok so long story short, I pulled the motor and put it back. Reconnected everything. Started it up...

    ran okay on the hose.

    took it out to the lake, started it up when i launched it. ran fine for 20 minutes.

    shut it off. tried to start it 10 minutes later, and it just turns over.

    i pulled the plugs and hooked them up to the plug wires then grounded the electrode -- no spark on all 3 cylinders. Any thoughts?

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    maybe your coils are bad.

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    SHOOTER -- thanks for the reply, how would I check?

    Also, I noticed it was getting zero spark on all 3 cylinders. Would it be common for all 3 ignition coils to have gone bad at the same exact time?

    oh and p.s. -- thanks WFO for helping with the diagnosis along with all the other phone calls!
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    not really, good point. Did you check the fuses in the rear electrical box to make sure it wasn't blown? I am not good with electrical problems myself, just using some of my little seadoo experiences I have.

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    SHOOTER -- I did. Failed to mention that.. I checked the obvious (obvious to me that is) things first. Fuses are fine (the 3 behind the circular cover on the electrical box). Also, the plugs looked great when I pulled them. No signs of problems anywhere on the plugs.

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    Found the problem -- throttle blades not closing all the way.

    On the EFI skis, the ECU will cut all spark if your throttle isn't completely closed while trying to start. My cable was too tight and I couldn't adjust it. I noticed it separated in the middle where it splits the oil injection cable and the throttle cable. A new cable fixed the problem.

    Big thanks to WFO for calling me and giving me the idea to check the throttle thanks, yet again!

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