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    Governed? 7600rpm

    Got my 150 SC out on the water today, and the most it would muster was 7600rpm. Is there a rev-limiter during break in?

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    Some people say yes some say no as far as break-in limiters. Oh and if this was your first time out on the water you shouldn't have been trying for maximum rpms anyway. The engines will loosen up with more hours on it.

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    I've been told different stories about the 10hr break-in period on all SeaDoo models. Some of them are:

    1. The computer in the boat limits the engine during the 1st ten hours.
    2. After the 10hr maintenance check they hook it to the BUDS system and change something.
    3. The engine naturally "loosens up" after the 10hrs.

    I've been told these by salesmen only, I haven't heard anything from a tech.

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    I've heard it both ways, "don't go WOT during break-in" and "drive it like you will once it's broken in, just don't hold steady RPMs for very long". The second I've heard more often and from more mechanics, including the ones for my car, so that's the road I'm taking. I went WOT for 10 seconds tops, but generally keep it in the 5K and below ranges while cruising.

    Also, after 10 hours on the water my hour meter shows 2 hours... Common issue I know, and while I like it as an owner I'd hate that as someone buying a used boat.

    Only had 2 problems after 3 days on the water: Rearview mirror on the wake tower came loose (may have had only 1 screw in it to begin with) and the far port seatcushion came off, but other than that it's been wonderful! Can't wait until she's fully broken in!

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    My engine loosened up after 10 hrs.. I would only get 7800rpms when new, after the break in i was getting 8000rpms..

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