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    What Type of Oil Pump Should I Get???

    For starters, I would like to appologize for my noob question. I am a software engineer gone Jeep/RXP enthusiast who is still learning how to fix his own problems instead of taking it all different ways from his Seadoo dealer.

    I changed my own oil once with my former boss and he had a device that connected to his drill where he would pump the oil out. I have done some research and I believe that he used a Flotec self priming drill oil pump. I have looked at these and they seem to be what he used, however, one side of his flotec was conncted to a short hose (Garden Hose) that went into an oil resivior that he would discard later and the opposite end had a smaller tube which he used to vacuum up the oil from the engine.

    My question is really 2 fold. The first question is whether or not a Flotec is sufficient and my second question is, Where would I find the attachments for the Flotec pump so I can get the smaller tube as seen below.

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    Oil Boy! Works great!

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