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    Hour and a half north of Toronto there’s some Great Lakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk36 View Post
    Thanks for all of the advice. I will be staying in North York.

    ... probably coordinate here for group ride. Probably the best idea in unfamiliar territory.
    I used to live in North York, which is part of the amalgamated metropolitan Toronto, now just called the city of Toronto.

    Lake Ontario is basically a really long shoreline with some harbours (Canadian spelling) here and there. Niagara region is a couple of hours drive, give or take, around the end of Lake Ontario, going west, south and then east from Toronto.

    Niagara river downstream from Niagara Falls can be interesting, but you should have experienced local riders with you as it is entirely possible to get into real trouble in a hurry on the fast moving and turbulent river zones.

    It is possible to ride across the lake from Toronto to Niagara (about 40 miles as the crow flies), but that is an excursion in itself. Fuel capacity, navigation equipment and planning need to be considered. Weather can change quickly during the day when far out on Lake Ontario.

    Highway 400 runs directly north from Toronto and quickly gets you into cottage and lake country. Barrie and Lake Simcoe is only one hour north from Toronto. Gravenhurst on Lake Muskoka is another hour farther north. Both are large lakes with lots of coastline, facilities and things to see.

    We would be happy to meet up and ride any of the cottage country lakes with you. One can easily spend a full day on the water, then do it again the next day on another beautiful lake.

    Roughly once a week, generally on Fridays, the Seadoo Tours guys do a group ride. Each week is a different lake, different launch point. We sometimes ride with them. Riders of any brand PWC are welcomed.

    Some days the riding looks like this
    Turn down the audio, it is just engine drone from the camera.

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