Hi Guys,

This is a spin off of my other thread here -> http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=267940 where I am trying to determine the cause of my P0106 error. The suggestion is that the ECU has a fault, but before I replace that (at hefty expense), id like to try and rule out my sensor a little further if I can.

Im looking to try and get some baseline data to compare my ski with.

Can someone with BUDs please help me out. What I need to know is two things.

1) Manifold pressure with the ski off (IE: Wake up the ECU, connect buds, and post back the Intake Air Pressure reading from the Monitoring tab)
2) Manifold pressure with the ski at idle. (Exactly the same as the above but with ski running at idle.).

Would really appreciate if anyone might be able to come back to me with these figures from your ski.

Mine is a freshly rebuild 255 supercharged in an 09 RXT.

Thanks in advance.