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    new to skis

    Hello ladies and gentleman!! Im new to the entire world of pwc. I seen a 05 RXP and love the look and stlye they have. Is this a good ski to start with and what should I be looking for when I buy one? Any advice and info is more than appericated.

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    It's a great ski to start with. I have one myself. It has loads of power and acceleration. It's the best out of the box ski for top speed.
    First modification needs to be metal washers for your supercharger.
    Get those ^^ for 04-05 skis.

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    Welcome Teck.

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    Welcome Tech....metal washer? oh yeah need to replaced befor you ride the ski, when its done you have the best jetski

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    Awesoem guys thanks for the tips!!! Like I said I know NOTHING about pwc's. I found a few 04 and 05's that are that apple green color I LOVE that look!!! So are the washers all I need to do right off the bat that is a MUST HAVE?

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    i have one rxp green on black and about to pick one more up and get ride of the slow ass gtx. rxp all the way. WASHERS FIRST THING.

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    Man all the reading ive done on here today. I cant wait to pay off a few of my bills and buy a ski!!!

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