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    Honda R12X Engine Alignment


    Just rebuilt the motor in my R12x and am wondering what is the best way of checking the alignment of the motor without the alignment tool.

    I have changed some of the engine mounts and the bottom end isnt the original one to the hull so I just wanting to double check everything before i first start it up



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    Hey Brett,

    Just rebuilt the engine in my F12x. Second time putting it back in the hull. There are probably several ways to do it. I use feeler gauges to check the gap between couplers all the way around. After getting that even i just make sure the jet pump and crank coupler "float" and do not bind.

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    Thank you for the reply, Picked up a set of feeler gauges on my way home yesterday so ill give that a go.

    What Oil did you use to run the motor in?

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    Use honda GN or non synthetic motorcycle oil

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    Guess I messed this up. I pulled the engines to replaced all carbon steel clips holding the water lines on. Put it back in following the imprint from the mount, now I have a bad seal leak. Most likely from not being aligned properly.

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