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    2011 kawi ultra 300x. 85 hours. any input would be greatfully appreciated.

    so after fixing a few issues had my (new to me) ultra 300x out for the first time today. the tell tale pisser had no water coming out of it. took hose off at manifold, no water coming out at manifold to pisser hose. never ran hot. compression is 149 to 155 on all 4 cylinders. also i installed the r&d speed up module and top speed gps is 65 mph. what should this ski be running assuming its all stock except that module. any guidance on. what or where to start to do a good check over and a good maintenece would be appreciated.

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    What MWHC said. They tend to get clogged in sandy water for whatever reason. A quick blow will do ya..

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    I prefer to run a piece of speedometer cable or weedeater line through the hoses if they get clogged. Mud daubers are quite common offenders. I don't recommend blowing air because you could rupture the hose.

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    The hose going to the pisser is free and clear the brass nipple off of the exhaust manifold that that hose hooks to has no water coming out of it

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    While flushing the ski .. with the hose on and water running .. blow no less then 90 no more then 120 psi of compressed air into the bypass outlet .. yes while water is coming out of the pisser hole .. of course if u don’t have any water coming out don’t worry .. do this a few times .. apply air 5 to 10 secs at most each time .. then allow 30 secs b4 applying air again .. this will fix the problem .. u will notice the water coming out more and more as u follow this process .. once the pressure looks back to normal your done .. do this once a week mandatory .. every flush would be best but is not always necessary

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    Just curious as you say no water coming out of exhaust outlet even with that thin hose off,when you flush the ski you have garden hose in the rear hooked to the black inlet not the grey right?

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    blew air though the system and water is flowing perfectly as it should. thanks for the input guys.

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    so for the first time i got my 2017 vxr and my 2011 ultra 300x out on the lake together. i was expecting ultra to beat the vxr. wrong. pretty much even all around. take off all the way through to the other side of the lake side by side. ultra has the scom. vxr has nothing and is bone stock.

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    then your ultra is running very poor ..... because they DONT beat a correct running ultra

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    What is your sustained rpm? Don't look at recall, look while you are riding and for several seconds, not just a quick glance.

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