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    Ultra in Thailand

    My brand new ski is coming in two weeks...... I live in Thailand and just bought mine in California and put it in the container heading this way.

    Ultra seems to be the only choice for me, without even a second thought. The problem is that Kawa dealers here only sell bikes, not PWC. So I am going to be doing all of the maintenance and break ins preps myself......

    I originally thought it would be easy but after reading through many postings I am a liltle worries.... Many of you guys seems to be very knowledgable on this. Can you offer any insights what I need to be doing from the second I get my boat off the crate?

    I have been riding the older machines for a while and this is my first four stroke power one.

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    Welcome to the forum !

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    Check all hoses to ensure they are properly attached and the hose clamps are tight. That is what we first checked and found a couple that were loose.


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    Tighten all exhaust hose clamps.
    Verify proper oil level. Set a level on the rub-rail.
    Check for loose hood bolts
    Check battery connections with a wrench, make sure there tight.
    Always fire the engine before launching.
    Buy the R-Rated secondary water-box delete U pipe, pump shoe seal kit, pump wedge and block off plates. You could even by the water box that R-Rated has for better performance.
    The pump shoe sealing kit stops cavitation DEAD.
    After that. Fill the ride plate holes and you should be running close to 70 MPH with a very reliable ski.......
    I changed my oil at 5 hours. Did the oil only. Will change oil and filter at 10 and use synthetic oil....
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    Big Red, Jim, and RX951... Thanks for the advises.... Can hardly wait to get my hands on them. 21 days is a long time to wait.

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    Our recent overnight trip in Thailand. Mostly smaller boats and stand ups.

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    @ Big Red Monster

    >Will change oil and filter at 10 and use synthetic oil....

    What kind of oil will you use?

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    There are PWC Services shops in Pattaya and Phuket. There is also a Dealer there selling Jet Ski, Wave Runner, and Ski-Doo's.

    As in most Asian Countries, the Kawaski Dealer that does sell the motorcycles, does not watercraft, but he may sell multiple motorcycle brands. You have to go to the boat dealer or the personal Water Craft store and they will sell multiple brands of watercraft. you will just have to locate them.

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    I always thought kawasaki's would be produced somewhere in China or Japan area, weird how ya had to buy it in calf. right?

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    Dicedrop25, yeah wierd as my day time job in Thailand is sub-contract mfg building electronic PCBs for the USA and Europe. You would think they would be built around here.

    I read through one of the postings here (forgot who psted it, sorry for the improper credits) that last week iRide Magazine had a write up on the Ultra manufactured plant being in Lincoln Nebraska.

    Jimhart. Sound like you'd been here before. Yeah there are plenty of ski shops here but I am not sure they know how to tweak the 250s, like checking SC oil level.... Do look me up if you come to this area.

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