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    HELP...Kawi 1100 B1 Bogs on Hard Right Turns

    Hey All,

    I built an 1100 B1 and I'm having an issue that I cant seem to figure out. When I make a hard Right Turn the ski will bog and it will take a while riding at 1/4 throttle to get back up to full rpm. I was told that I was having a lean issue, and to flip my carb rack so that the pumps are on the starboard side facing away from the motor. I did that, and now the problem happens when I turn hard Left.

    Any Ideas???


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    How much fuel is in your tank when this is happening, what is your fuel pickup setup like and which carbs are you running?

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    Open the carbs up and check the floats.

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    Sounds like you need a new fuel pump or clean your fuel pump as you are not getting enough fuel pressure

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    Typical "left turn syndrome" that alot of carb fed marine engines have. There is a section in the Mikuni Super BK manual that describes exactly this in some detail

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    I have flipped my carb rack and the problem moved to the other side (left turn bog).

    I lowered popoff from 21 to 18, and still the same problem. Carbs are clean and all parts are new.

    I tested a set of fresh rebuilt (by Tim) Novis and no change.

    New blowsion fuel pickup, always full tank of fresh gas.

    Tested with and without fuel restrictors as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heloboby7 View Post
    Open the carbs up and check the floats.
    Really ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by water worx View Post
    Really ???
    Lol double pumper

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    Update. I installed and valve body from a set of NOVI carbs that has a bearing pressed into the hole for the check valve, and a groove milled into the surface.

    It almost solved the problem completely, but after about 5 laps it will start to bog again, but recovers much faster.

    The only real solution to this is to rotate the carbs somehow. I purchased a Rhaas plate for the GP1200 carbs, and I'm going to try and modify it to run my carbs on it. Click image for larger version. 

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    Interesting mod there, i just ordered a Pro-Tec intake manifold to replace the RIvA one on the engine going into my B1 to allow the OE gp1200 mounting in hopes of avoiding this.

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