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    Is this to much for a new rxp!

    Got a price of a left over Rxp for $9000 is this to high!

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    No, not after considering MRSP is like $10,999. So you're saving 2K. Thats a good deal.

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    this is an 05'. I looked up NADA and they say like 8400

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    If its a leftover '05 and brand new, its a good deal.

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    dude... u can't look at nada for a NEW ski out of a crate. 9000 is a steal. i could turn around and sell that thing brand new for more moeny than that EASILY. i saw u posted this on SDN also... quit askin and go buy the thing

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    thanks guys!

    The next thing is building a 75mph stock legal race boat. I know many people at 74 but theres no reason why 75 cant be done.

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    Im with Steve on this one. People stated NADA on my ski Brand new out of the crate. They gave me some B.S. about it should only be $7000 or something like that. I forget the post, but it was here. And I would bet them they couldn't find one as cheap as mine.

    Just FYI. I paid $8100 + T,T,&L = $8700 out the door for my yellow 2004 RXP. Add about $700 for the price hike for the newer year and go during the Boat show as BRP normally gives a $500-$700 dollar credit.

    So you should be at about $8800 for the base price. So $9000 is dam close. They gotta make a little profit.

    Go get it. :P

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    that is a steal, does this dealer have anymore?

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    this is the other thing im faced with. I can also get a 06 for $9854. Now thats no reg. no tax, title, nothing.

    So the question is witch is the better deal.

    2006- $9854

    2005- $9000

    only diffrence is the silver bottom, both are red.

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    9854 - 9000 = $854. Not much of a difference in my books when you're already investing over 9K. On the other hand that's $854 you could spend on mods.

    The difference isn't only the color. The '06 has an upgraded clutch. More of a heavy duty clutch. Should hold up better than the '04 and '05 clutches, but we'll see. So I'd go with the '06.

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