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    Help with 4tec conversion. Low rpm

    Having issues getting proper max rpm on my 4tec conversion.
    Set up is
    Kawasaki ultra 250 hull.
    05 215hp 4tec set up
    Motor has custom shaft screwed to end of crank to convert to Kawasaki spider coupler.
    Stock kawi 155mm pump.
    Adaptor harness fitted for knock issue.
    Currently has SOLAS concord 16/21 kawi impeller. Repitch to 16/19.

    Currently running 63mph @7450rpm
    I cannot seem to get the rpm to go up even by pitching.
    S What could be limiting my rpm
    2 possibilities I thought of were . Short shaft possibly causing vibration that is being detected by the knock sensor. And the other is possibly low boost pressure.
    Anyone have any other thoughts on this.
    Driving me nuts

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    Is this Rory?

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    Already took care of the knock harness but... seems similar?

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