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    Raider FAn with some questions.

    Wow, i must say, this site has absolute best forums for older yahama skis! Glad I finally found you all!

    Any whos, i have a 94 raider and I love it. I have been riding it now for about 1 year. Last time I went out I ended up jumping some huge wakes out in the bay and apparently my ski was damaged before and beating on it cracked the repair. Looking more into it I came to the conclusion that the guy before had to of ran into something.. the crack is towards the front right area of the ski and is about 1 foot long, 1 crack right above the bumper and the other right below it... its pretty bad.

    I have a few options, i could just fiber glass it and call it a day... or this could be my opportunity to kick my friends a$$ on his seadoo!! So just a couple questions.

    1) why are the 94 raiders faster then say the 95+?
    2) I have a 701, but are all the motors transferable? ie triple cylinder in a 94?

    well thats all for now, mostly just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. thanks!

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    The raider crew will tell you what to do welcome

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    Swtch welcome to the forum.the 94 is made from Fiberglass, and the 95 is made up of SMC.sheet molded compound, the fiberglass 94 is the one that weighs the least, so ,it is quicker all things being equall.....

    The 94 has only the mounts for the 2 cylinder, (BUT) if you want to do some fiberglassing, the 1100 /1200 CAN go in there it phisically fits but requires quite a bit of work, there is a member here DARTHRAIDER, that has a twin that goes 62/63 ,and you dont have to do any mount work, of course he also has a tripple piped 1200 in a (94), with some work on and you will see what is involved, have fun....

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    Pictures of your damage would help us to advise you on a repair further.....

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    thanks for the input so far! i guess ill hold up on the triple for a while, may just get an intake, pipe and impeller. Ill get some pics maybe tonight or tomorrow of the damage area. thanks again.

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