For sale 7 brand new Weber Motor MPE-750 in OEM box whit all hardware. Price: 3900€ (price is for cash or bank transfer) motors are located on Florida Pompano Beach.
Pickup can be personal or shipping. For more quantities, we can make a special price.

we have a lot of new Weber spear parts

for more info send p.m. or email on

This motor is used in:
-Zodiac Year 2007-09 Pro Jet 350 and 2008-09 Pro Jet 420
-Williams/Novurania - 285, 325,385 & 445 (Bosch ETB) 2005-07
Year 2008-09 285NA 325TC, 385TC & 445TC 2008-Present 285TC 2007-2008
-Avon Year 2007-09 Seasport Jet 320, 330 & 430, Jockey 320
-Hydrospace 2005-2012 HSR-S4
-Redline UTV Year 2006-Present
-Arimar Year 2008-09 Arimar 2.8, 3.2, 4.4
-Nautica XP Jet
-Polaris 4-Stroke
Polaris FST Snowmobile 2007-2013
Polaris FS Snowmobile N/A 2006-2013
Polaris MSX150 Watercraft
Polaris MSX110 Watercraft

(Contact use for right engine hardware)