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    Water leaks on a RXT

    My new RXT has a problem with a water leak. Whenever I go out salt water coats the front secton of the block.
    I have adjusted the seat, checked all the raw water supply lines and sealed the rear air vent with silicone with no luck. Is it possible for the seat to leak through the vinly? I found salt around the vent holes for the foam at the underneath of the seat, those vents sit right above the salty areas of the engine. Anyone have any suggestions? I will post some pics after a ride tommorow.

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    We have had two of these skis and they both coat the engine with salt water which literally leaves the engine white at the end of the day. This also happens on our friends' skis.

    I normally spray the engine (metal parts) with WD40 JUST BEFORE each ride. This seems to completly stop the salt deposits as the WD is still a liquid and seems to wash off the salt water. I then rinse the engine bay with fresh water at the end of the day.

    I noticed that other makes seem to have a dry engine bay, but I don't think you have a problem.

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    This happens to my rxt also. Why I dont know. I just soak it in water and salt-away after each ride....

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