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    flipping reeds over?

    i have the carbs off, and ive noticed that a few of my reeds have a small gap, they dont sit quite flush. Id say less than 1/32". is this normal?

    back in the old days I used to flip over reeds that had started to curl, to make them seal well again, will this work with polaris or is that a no-no?

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    would you really want a piece of the them in your motor if they break ?

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    hmm, prolly not.

    when trying to look up some boysen reeds, i found a bazillion different possible part #s and prices from $39, all the way up to $150.

    anyone have a link to a comprehensive application list?


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    Just check out parts dealers for prices,,, etc..... Or you can sometimes find them on Ebay. It's not a bad idea to install reed spacers if you can get them with the longer studs.

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    A small gap is fine. check in the tech section. The specs should be there. The pressure in the case when the piston comes down forces them closed .

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