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    msx 150 intake grate

    hi all, was wondering what would be a good intake grate for the msx 150? right now when i floor the throttle it will bounce off the rev limiter about 4-5 times before getting up on a plane. seems like it needs a better flow of water to the impeller.

    also, when i drag a '06 fx ho, i have a ever so slight top speed advantage until i hit a little chop then the yammy gets me.

    the ride plate is still factory sealed and no detection of any leaks. the impeller is stock and about .012-.015 clearance. there is a little play in the bearings ,though.

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    sounds like prop wear,intake won't time when ski up on trailer check under and see if something rap around drive shaft(if so disconect battery before playing in there!!)
    later cd

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