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    Question 1995 Polaris sl750 Bilge pump question .

    Hey everyone. I have a question about the bilge pump on my 1995 sl 750.
    Is it supposed to be automatic? I have a switch to turn it either on or off in the front compartment.

    Also what are the hoses that go into the hull that hook into steel tubes in the jet? Are they supposed to be bretahers or just a type of automtaic bilge system?

    And I see an earlier post about a guy blew a head gasket beacuse his stariner plugged.. what can I do to prevent this? Or how to I make sure my stariner isnt plugged.

    Thanks guys

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    The correct install should be in the tech section somewhere. It should be automatic if it was a Polaris kit. Sounds like somebody just added one if there is a switch.

    Tubes are a siphon bilge.

    I don't know which strainer you are referring to. There is a small screen inside the pump near those tubes make sure it is clear of debris. That's where the cooling water goes in.

    There is also a fuel / water separator in the engine compartment some where. My 95 SL750 has it above the battery and my 96 SLX has it up front by the oil tank.

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    Alright thanks for the info. I looked on another website and the setup im takling about is called a siphon system?

    Also my fuel gauge isnt working. What are some common problems on why they dont work?

    Another fule question. I have been rading baout a 3 outlet pump? Is that right and where can I get one?

    thanks again
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    The fuel float gets gas "logged" and doesn't float anymore, reading low fuel. Remove the fuel sender from the tank and take off the bottom plate. Inside it is the float, drop it in a cup of gas and see if it floats. If not, replace it. Randy at sells them for around $25. Triple outlet fuel pumps are preferred by alot of guys, they can be had off Ebay or many PWC parts places. Look for Mikuni triple outlet, there are round and pentagon. The pentagon is a high volume pump (and more expensive), but the round will work just fine for a 750.

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    I have been looking aorund the how tos and stuff and cannot find the bilge pump post.

    My bilge pump has a manual switch you have to turn on under the hood compartent. How should the bilge pump work on my 1995 Polaris sl750 . Should it not be automatic? Any info would help thanks

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    I believe it is activated for a few seconds at engine start up automatically. Sounds like someone added the switch because they had a leak somewhere.

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    There were NO bilge pumps in 95, they came along in 96.
    You can change it to an auto style, so when water reaches the lever level it will activate the pump.
    Another way, is you can take your existing pump and wire it into the orange wire leaving the LR-23 so the pump will run whenever the engine is running. You can run the ground from the bilge pump directly to the battery.
    DON'T FORGET to fuse the bilge pump!!

    Don't quote me on this but I think on some of the electrical boards (I'm pretty sure I used one out of a 96' SL780) you have a fuse mount you can run the orange wire from the LR-23 to, install the fuse and then have the wire leave the board and go to the bilge pump.
    Anyway, just an idea or two.

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