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    ive sinned......

    yea....i did it...i bought a 1993 SEA DOO XP......the thing looks nice as anything...ill try and post pics later....i couldnt tell if it was the original engine or looks like the original but im just trying to decide to go premix or not....i really like just having to fill it up with gas and not having to mix but i dont really wanna have the chance of blowing my engine. they person that owned it was older so he didnt really ride it to hard...he said that his nerve ran out before the throttle did...haha kinda thinking maybe i should run oil injection for this season and then switch to premix? what do yall think

    thanks a lot

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    For my money, pre-mix is the only way to go. I agree that it can be a p.i.t.a. but for $800 (the price of an engine) I can live with the hassle.
    Just my opinion.

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