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    something simple I know, but... are you using the quick connect and leaving the small end on your boat in othe water outlet? if so there is your problem. seen it on two other boats.

    if not. then good luck on getting it fixed!

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    hey bow tie ,
    i am not sure if i understand what you mean , please xplain ..........

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    i think bow tie means are you using the hose quick connect (when flushing your ski) and then leaving the quick connect on when you are riding. this will restrict water flow and possibly cause problems.

    that seems to be a common problem. i know of 2 other skiis doing the exact same thing. changing the sensor seems to fix it temporarily, but the problem comes back.

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    my bad. thats what i meant. when using the quick connect fluch. some people leave the small connect attached to the on the water outlet port. This causes a restriction and can cause cooling problem under high rpm runs. For some reason there is not problems at idle, just under fast cruising or wot runs. We have seen this on two different boats. Hope your problem is that easy. That may be why you see a problem in a warmer waater lake rather than your home lake. cause 50 degree water is cooolllddd.

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    Not trying to be douch but, I had a rxdi, only way I got rid of this problem was to sell it and get my RXP. I had it at the dealership and they had no clue, BRP couldnt even help them, at first I thought the same thing u did and checked everything and it just kept doing it.

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    They have been known to have sensors go out in time.

    OHM meter the sensors to rule that out.

    I am working on a friends ski now that is having the same problems.
    I will keep you informed if I find anything.


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    hey bow tie ..
    thanks, on the 03 it is in the rear and all you do is screw garden hose to it then remove ,.... unlike ones I have had in the past where it is the quick connect....any other ideas/???

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    yea the quick connect is two pieces. one piece screws into that port and the other plugs into the hose. Some people leave the piece attached to the ski. That causes problems. But it sounds that is not your problem. You may want to put a meter on your sensor to maek sure its within the norm.

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    I have a 02 GTX DI that said hi-temp. It was definatly the muffler that was getting hot. I checked at the hoses going to the pipe. Every thing was fine. Checked the water regulator. Fine. SO I puit it back together and went for a cruise. Hot again. I took out the water regualtor spring, clamped the inlet and towed itg for a couple of miles. Then I drove it while being towed and nothing. Then I drove it about 4500 rpm(same speed that over heated) and it was fine. So I'm going to pull out the fitting in the muffler and make sure it's clear and then turn out the regualtor 1/2 a turn and see what happens. Good thing I ditched the silencer the previous owner melted or I probably would have melted it.

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