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    both skis running like crap!!!!!

    just got back from towing in the 93xp I couldn't get it to run hardly at all.
    It was hard to get started and If I held the choke out just a lil it would pick up and go but just long enough to plain then it would fall on its face and die man this pisses me off I just went thru the carbs and separater all was pretty clean. I replaced the oil lines I had mentioned earlier. now it's sitting beside the gtx in the yard with a dead battery

    I'm going to go back thru it and see if I can find anything wrong..

    and now for the kicker...the gtx is running like crap too!!! I just replaced all the fuel lines and cleaned out the carbs on it too!! the internal filters were just about clogged up solid so I cleaned them out I thought rela good I mean they looked 100%better than they did when I started.
    I did find one of the diaphrams on the regulator has a hole in it so I'm going to look into that first and see if I can do something with it since no-one around here will have any parts....benefit of living n BFE!!!!!

    the gtx is idleing rough and hesitates/stumbles on acceleration right about 3500 and a time or two it took a bit for it go get over 3500 but when it would pull thru it would finally go like a scalded ape I ran it up to 55mph on the gauge but I could still hear a missing I'm gonna go back thru this one as well so wish me luck and if you have any pointers please chime in.

    I'm hoping I can get them back running tonite and maby salvage the holiday weekend I have been dieing all week to get on the lake and now I have to turn the wrenches AGAIN!!! If I can 't get them running I'm gonna have to take them in and that's the last thing I want to do.

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    UPDATE: since it has started pouring down a steady drizzle of rain and I don't have a garage to work in I just said fuggit and set both of them on fire man you can see the smoke for miles!!!!!!

    just kidding...I took the carbs off the GTX and used a lil gasket sealer on the ruptured diaphram and put it all back together. so far it's running better with a seemingly crisp throttle I rapped it up a couple of times and there was no hesitation or miss, so I'm going to try again tommorow.

    as for the xp I turned down the low speed adjusters all the way then turned them out one and a half turns plus turned the idle down a bit got it back together and it started adn ran pretty decent rapped the rpm's up a couple of times and it seemed to be doing better too so well see,

    btw how long can you let a 2 stroke run off the water hose anyway?? I didn't let them run more than a minute or two just to be safe but for shiggles how long can you let them run?

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    i'd be weary of using gasket sealer to fix the diaphram. may be a temporary fix to see if it corrects the problem, but spend the few $$ and fix it properly (buy a rebuild kit). it will save you headaches and much more $$ down the road.

    i don't run my skiis off the hose for more than 30 seconds. i turn it off long before the motor gets hot to the touch. if the outside of the engine is hot, the insides are cooking!!

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    yes I'm just using the sealer as a temp. fix. I'm pretty positive that was the problem with the GTX since that was the only thing I took apart when I cleaned the internals of the carbs I also took off the pump covers to clean out the screens.
    all brand new fuel lines, I cleaned out the selector valve fuel /water separater and fixed the sending unit.

    on the xp I totally tore down the carbs and cleaned everything in them. but I didn''t notice anything wrong with the diaphrams on it. jets are clean float valves show a lil wear but not sticking. I figure I just miscounted the turns on the low speed settings fuel lines are good, selector and separater are both clean and sending unit is clean and working plus the fuel tank is spotless inside, I pulled the tank when I fixed the sender to clean out the 14+ yrs of junk in it which btw wasn't much...

    there is a small local lake I'm going to take them to in a lil while and run them there not as crowded and I can work on them there without worrying about getting swamped.....

    I have already informed the wife that both skis are going to end up needing the carbs rebuilt. so I'm going to start shopping for kits in the very near future.
    I also called the previous owner of the GTX and he is going to put me intouch with the mechanic who rebuilt the motor so I can find out how much it's going to cost to have him do the carb work.
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