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    Supercharger idler gear play on shaft

    Just got to putting new 2016 clutch in an 08 fx sho. Dod all the new parts such as clutch, crank bolt, idler gear, pin, even the metal bushing that goes in the engine case. I noticed the gear is able to slide back and forth on the pin. Is this normal? There is enough play that with supercharger on and oil pump off I can pull the gear forward enough it rubs on the supercharger housing or on the clutch gear itself. Something doesn't seem right. And I installed it same way old one came out. Even looked on microfiche and not missing any spacers or washers. What's weird is just spinning it by hand it makes the same chirping noise that my 2014 fzr does. Almost sounds like a chirping bird or cricket under the supercharger.

    Now if there isn't supposed to be play, will it harm anything if I machine spacers to keep the idler centered on the clutch gear?

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    Do you have the oil pump bolted on?? Pretty sure I recall thinking it was wierd until I out the oil pump on and it tightens up. There's a pin on the oil pump that holds it.

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    No oil pump. That makes sense now. I'll check tonight with oil pump on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slociviccoupe View Post
    No oil pump. That makes sense now. I'll check tonight with oil pump on.
    It will be ok once oil pump is back on 👍

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