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    Aftermarket parts recommendations for WaveVenture 1100

    G'day all. Have just joined up from NZ. I've just bought a '96 WaveVenture 1100 and have stripped it apart to use the running gear in a mini jetboat. Should be a bit of a project and is all new to me. There's a few mini jetboats getting around in NZ now. My question is, are there good companies to buy aftermarket parts off as I'll need a few bits and pieces. First priority will be getting the jet unit sorted out. I'll be needing a new impeller housing as the wear ring has corroded and bulged, splitting the housing. I won't be using the factory intake as I've got a cast one sitting in the boat already. I may as well get a bearing/seal kit as well. SBT the best bet? Any manufacturers to stay away from? There'll be a few bits needed for the motor as well. Mainly gaskets and might look at a carb kit seeing as it's all apart on the bench. Bit of corrosion in places so will need a good clean up.
    Thanks in advance for any advice etc .

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    Not sure on availability to you but WSM do a good pump housing with plastic replaceable wear ring. Around 140 in the U.K. complete ready to bolt on, and the wear rings are about 30 if it gets damaged and needs replacing. Great low price alternative to the OEM housing

    Recommend using Mikuni kits only to rebuild the carbs.

    A great upgrade is fitting the complete intake and set of 44' carbs off the 1200 65U engine. Straight bolt-on fit except you need to drill the crank cases and press in two more pulse line fittings for the carbs. Easy enough and an awesome performance increase

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    You can get a lot out of the 1100 and agree the 65U carbs built correctly will give you a little boost for little buck adding tunability and hopefully longevity.
    SBT is great for completes, not sure about their parts much. NZ should not be too hard to get parts.

    Are you running the stock pump or are you using the shell's pump?
    What is the shell? Weight?

    It sounds like you might just want to stick with the OEM 155mm pump, it's pretty good, a lot of impeller options and requires no custom parts for you, but it all depends on what shell you end up with.
    You could pretty much drop the engine in if you can find an exciter 135. If you find another one you can do an ls2000.

    Edit: Mikuni kits ONLY and it's worth to buy at least the needles and seats and 115g springs. You can add the throttle body bushings if you are stickler like me.

    Just some food for thought and some cheap eye candy.

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    Thanks for the replies fellas. The boat is a new build with it's own intake and grill but will be using the jetskis own 155mm pump to match the engine. All up weight completed will be 300kg max I'd say. Once she's in the water and running I'll look at engine mods etc I think. Will get the oil pump blocked off and go premix though. SBT seems to have everything I need apart from bolts etc which I should be able to source locally.

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