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    need help troubleshooting

    well i had the ski out today, ran great then all of a sudden it had not as much power and only pulled about 6500 to 7000 rpms. The motor sounded a little different too, its kinda hard to describe. First thing i thought was supercharger clutch. So i brought it to the dock and trailered it. I got home and took off the hose on the supercharger to see if i can spin it. I could not move the sc at all, which i am pretty sure is a good thing from what i have read. Only thing is i couldnt hear the sc at all when feathering the throttle. I dont have money to do anything to it now so i hope its something stupid. If it was sc i was thinking of trading it in for a 07. Shady thing to do but screw seadoo with their crap designed sc.

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    did you check to see if you have anything stuck in the prop?

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    no i didnt think to check that. i figured that it was engine related. Now that i think about it for some more info i was able to get it up to 8k rpm on the trailer when i reved it, but the ski shook when i did.

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    checked the prop, nothing seems wrong with it that i can tell. any idea what it could be?

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