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    Shibby's Mission to gain weight, HOW?

    well, Shibbs needs to gain weight in a bad way i think. Have had a real rough past few weeks for personal reasons and it contributed to my weight loss.. went shopping today to use up gift certificates and discovered i'm borderline back to kids dept. Adult SMALL cargo pants fell to my ankles. I was always under-weight to begin with, but i lost some weight over the past 2 weeks. I don't know how to eat, i hate eating, i don't know what to eat, or what to do to gain weight. Looking to increase waist size, chest, broaden the shoulders.... just fill up a little bit, but stay ripped and muscular like i am. of course i'm so ripped bc i'm light-weight, but my muscles are extremely pronounced and i like it... looking to gain about 20 pounds i guess and see where that brings me but keeping my form and figure as athetlic and built.

    as i type this.... 21 years old, 5' 10" and 122 pounds

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    thats a tough one first off better start eating healthy (not mcdonalds) and you must train to keep those muscles ripped.I weigh 145 pounds 1.68m use to be 160pounds and ripped now just skinny after stoping training 5 years.NOW JUST SKINNY AND WORKING ON MY BEER BELLY

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    Shibby, start eating lots of 'good food', not junk food or sweet crap. Start lifting weights, concentrate on bulk building lifts that involve multiple muscles, like squats, bench press (or parallel dips), bent over rows (preferably with T bar), chinups, etc. You can also throw in some arm work, but concentrate more on triceps than biceps, tris are bigger. Get lots of protein, definitely use creatine (very safe, helps build strength and size, is NOT a hormone/steroid type of thing at all). In your working out, warm up good first, but constantly use heavy weights, work to failure in every set, and record your workouts. Always try to either add weight or increase your reps in every workout. Concentrate on building strength, if you are eating enough, the weight/size will follow.

    There is way too much to say on this subject to put it all here - go to a bookstore and get a few good books on weight lifting and bodybuilding. And remember that steroids DO work and DO build muscle, but have side effects and my personal opinion is to not use them. ALL the top bodybuilders that are winning titles ARE taking steroids except for specific contests/groups that test and only allow 'clean' bodybuilders to compete. Do not be sucked in by all the other supplements and stuff out there ... can get very expensive. If you do the basics above, you will gain muscle, size and weight. This is just my 2 cents on the subject, I am sure lots of other guys on the forum may have similar or different advice too ... Good luck!

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    Get Married.

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    Re: Shibby's Mission to gain weight, HOW?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shibby1485
    as i type this.... 21 years old, 5' 10" and 122 pounds

    Im 17 years old, 5'11" and 160lbs and I don't look fat at all. Im actually kinda small compared to most kids I know, and they aren't fat either. You have to start eating some good meals or something. I understand that its probably kinda hard being in college and all, but if you get a chance to eat a good, healthy meal, take it. See if you can find a place to work out too. Push ups (normal, wide set, and diamond), and some different ab work outs are a simple way to stay ripped and not get too big (don't want to gain too much, you might slow down your ski ), especially if you dont have access to a weight room.

    PM me if you want and I can give you some stuff from my baseball workout and the other stuff I do too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vern
    Get lots of protein, definitely use creatine (very safe, helps build strength and size, is NOT a hormone/steroid type of thing at all).
    Just to add to that...If you take Creatine make sure you take Creatine Monohydrate, and if you do, make sure you do it correctly. Its a reletively new supplement and no one knows a lot about it. Im currently using it, but I wouldn't recommend it for guys who are not intensely involved in a sport. PM me if anyone has questions on this.

    Lets see if I can make this short and sweet. Creatine is considered a supplement (check the back of the container, it will give you supplemental facts). SUPPLEMENTAL FACTS ARE NOT CONTROLLED BY THE FDA. Nutritional facts are. This means that a company could put other things in the creatine to 'give you an extra edge', but you don't know the effects of these additives.

    Because of this, for a guy like Steve, I would recommend 100% Whey Protein by GNC. I also use this. Get Chocolate flavor if you get it, trust me. Also, you will notice on the back of this item that it has Nutritional Facts. This is FDA controlled, so you know this product is regulated. Again, if anyone has questions on this, PM me.

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    i quit smoking and gained 50lbs. if you don't smoke you could always start and then quit.

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    I am 6'2" and weigh 155 and I eat like a horse. some people just can't gain weight.

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    holy crap your just like me!

    I am not alone in the world!! If I eat alot I will usually loose weight.

    6' 2" and 160 lbs sopping wet.


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    Hey Steve, do just like me man! eat plenty of Pork roll egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, then have your nice turkey with mustard on rye for lunch, followed by a full of sugar tastykake with a coffee with non-dairy creamer, then chew on salty sunflower seeds till quiting time, then for supper, wait till around 9:00PM and eat 1lb of baked ziti with lots of riccotta and mozzarella cheese, top off with a canoli and some more coffee, expresso and then go immediately into a coma on the couch, wake up 2-3 hours later and climb into bed...THIS works, you will be a fat pig, like me in no time, I`m not fat, just BIG boned...5'6" 190lbs naked , picture that dude!...

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