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    new guy with some SLT questions

    noob here,

    I just purchased an slt750 for a grand in need of a tune-up. Its been sitting for a couple of years, I have removed the carbs, intake, and oil pump for inspection and repair/replacement. on the plus side the engine and pump were rebuilt recently before it was parked, id say less than ten hours on them.
    Its my first ski, never actually been on one before, or under the hood for that matter.

    anyways, some of my reed valves are slightly curved, just enough so they do not sit flush on the cage. i would say about 1/32" gap. is that ok or not?
    can I flip the reeds over, or is that a no-no? can i get cheap replacements?

    Where can i get the gaskets for cheap?

    I also dissassembled the oil injection pump to check it out, and it seems plenty clean, with no noticeable wear, but should I replace it anyway?

    I will put a triple fuel pump on it for sure, and replace the fuel valve as well, cheap insurance i say.

    also, my hull is fugly, if i strip it down and pretty it up, can I even get the decals for it these days? any suitable alternatives? I really like the stock SLT look...

    also I have lots of small stress cracks in the gelcoat at the rear of the topdeck from the tiedown strap being cranked down way too tight for way too long, is that a serious problem?

    anyways, thanks in advance.
    any of you guys from missouri on here?

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    im from kansas , the reed petals are easy 2 find and buy ,

    decals are a no go

    do a compersion test ,

    got spark ?

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    Welcome to the hulk! You found the BEST site for Polaris help. You could prob flip them over, but I would look into a new set of aftermarket, just for performance. Cometic engine gasket kits are around $65 at Many people get rid of the oil injection system all together and go premix. It's a good injection system, but if it fails, you will never know until it's too late. Also add new fuel hoses to your list of updated parts. Decals are tough to come by, but do occaisionally pop up on Ebay. And the stress cracks shouldn't be much of an issue on the top deck. Unless you plan on riding upside-down.

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    The reeds are fine like that. I have always been told NOT to flip the reeds over because it can cause them to break.

    Replacement Polaris parts here. Don't forget to mention that you are a green hulk member to receive the discount.

    Atlantic Power Sports 10% off all OEM Parts, free UPS ground shipping on orders over 125.00. Ask for Jay(Service) Tony(Parts)
    Atlantic Powersports
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