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    Pro 785 problem.

    Alright, just thought i'd post this up to see if anyone recognizes the problem and knows what i'm dealing with off hand.

    97 pro.....everything worked great last summer, put it away.

    First time out my trim isnt working. Took it all apart cleaned everything, trim motor works fine from electrical board back...won't work when hooked up and installed. tach would only read 000. Speedo worked at first, then it quit on me. Didnt even display 00....just blank.

    I have not done any testing, just got home from the river and after today, it's time for a beer or 20

    Unrelated....I plugged my damn strainer and she hit limp mode, which was not fun dealing with on a flooding river. Couldnt get the damn cap off my strainer so I sat and let it cool down. I was lucky and was only 50yds downstream of a boat ramp. So I will be looking for a new strainer since mine sucks.

    Anyone have any ideas on the trim/MFD problem post, and if your real bored, give me a ring.


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    Did you try to reset the MFD? The procedure is listed under Fuji electrical.

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    I havent done anything yet. And right now I won't be doin anything....the beer was good tonight.

    I just thought that I would make a quick post before I went out tonight to see if anyone had experienced the same issues and with any luck point something out to me.

    On my side however, it almost appears as though I'm getting bad ground or something through my wiring harnesses. THEE only thing I have done to the ski since last summer is remove the pipes for PC, and I removed the steering pod and hood for fresh paint......... so I'm thinking that maybe I'm getting a poor connection in my wiring harness after hooking them back up.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna start with the harness connections, then start testing the switches and electrical connections on the circuit board.

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    Did you check for power out of the regulator?
    Did you check for power into the regulator?

    No power into the regulator and you probably looking at the stator, if you have your 14+ volts to the regulator and nothing out of it (orange wire as I recall) it's probably the regulator.

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    How do you reset the MFD?

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