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    Tired of all those pre-approved credit card offers?

    I for one, get 2 or 3 offers a week it seems like and so does my wife. What a waste of time opening and shredding all those things and what waste of paper resources also. The shredding actually starts to become a chore!

    If you want to opt-out go to the following website:

    It's kind of like the do not call registry.

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    I like to open them up, take a sharpy and black out all info about myself and send it back to them in their business reply envlope.

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    Tired of........

    What a GREAT idea, that's what I am going to do with the postage paid ones from now on. If everyone banded together and did the same maybe they would get the message, DON'T CALL US, WE'LL CALL YOU!!

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    you could also find the heaviest thing you can possibly fit in teh envelope and send it to em so they have to pay extra postage, like a piece of scrap metal or somethin

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    I like it when you already have the banks card and they keep sending you an application/reservation/invitation every week! Duh!!!...PR...

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