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    Recent Trip and Pictures

    I went looking for Cobia on my Jet Ski last week, I covered almost 80 miles and cast to many buoys with no luck. Still had a fun couple of hours with plenty to see. Here are some pictures I took.

    "Run With The Sun"

    My Track In Black

    "Mom On Guard" Deer in my back yard.

    "Green Heron Stare"

    Juvenile Yellow Crowned Heron

    "The Look"

    "Reflections Of Moon Light" In my back Yard.

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    Awesome pictures as usual.
    Didn't you just buy a house in the Bahamas? How did it make out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetskibrian View Post
    "Reflections Of Moon Light" In my back Yard.

    This is known as "mangata." Def: “Mangata” What does that mean?Have you ever seen the reflection the moon makes on water? Kind of looks like a glimmering road on the water doesn’t it? There’s a word for it! It’s Mangata, a word of Swedish origins, pronounced [mo-an-gaa-tah]. Isn’t that fantastic?

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