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    Check Your Drain Plug O-rings!!

    Was screwing in my drainplugs today on my 2006 Sea doo Sportster and noticed that that the drain-plug O-rings were dryed out and cracking. One of them was really bad and the other just starting to crack. I went to lowes in the plumbing isle and they have the O-Ring chart so you can match them up perfectly. They are a size(#12)
    13/16"O.D.x5/8 I.D.x3/32"

    My boat is used in saltwater all the time and this is probably why they didn't last very long, so I'm sure you guys in saltwater should check your drainplug O-Rings to be safe. I coated the new O-Rings with a little dileletric grease to help keep them from drying out so fast. We don't need any members sinking....Have a great holiday week-end

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    Gas Cap O-Ring Bad Also...

    I was filling up the boat with gas this morning and yup the gas cap O-Ring is badly cracked also. I had one that fit at my work but not sure what size it was. Just make sure it fits onto the gas cap snug so it won't move around.

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    From a newbie, we just purchased a used 2005 SeaDoo GTI LE RFI (something like that). After a few runs, I noticed more water gathering in the bilge. Was doing some troubleshooting when I noticed water leaking from a closed drain plug (I had put some water in the bilge to see if I could identify the leak). I found the o-ring to be cracked. I can just about stop the leak by cranking down on the plug, but obviously a new o-ring and a snug fit is what is needed. The o-ring did not appear to be brittle, so I may have just failed from torque. Not sure. Anyway, it is good to see that a standard o-ring can be used.

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    Thanks for the reminder.

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