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    I have had no problems with the electrical system since I removed and packed away the plastic shroud cover for the electrical panel. I suppose it provides some protection should a lot of water somehow rain down through the seat opening from above, but that it not something I worry about.

    The electrical panel itself is well sealed at every wire harness connector and has a sealed cover for the fuse box.

    If I am spraying a hose inside the hull for wash down purposes, I would avoid directing water pressure directly onto the electrical panel. Or any other electrical gear/connectors for that matter. Other than that, no concerns.

    Along with removing the plastic engine cover, removing the electrical shroud really increases hull access for hands and eyeballs.

    Be be sure to dry the hull inside before doing work. And then vacuum out all dust and dirt when finished work. A clean bilge means the bilge scavenge (bilge suction siphon system) will not become clogged. And if you have an electrical bilge pump it will remain clear to pump water, should the need arise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    All those Amazon parts seem correct or close enough.

    Tip: Before assembly, inspect each threaded part to ensure no stray metal cuttings are present that could contaminate the grease.
    Thanks and, Will Do!

    I think prudence dictates I order that first fitting (Alemite 51942) and ensure that “screws right in.” If it does not, it’ll make more sense for me to just go ahead and pull that electrical box out, once a year and give her a couple squirts. Looking forward to getting that done, either way!

    Thank You, Again!

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