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    I think Iíd remember trying to pull the cover off but itís been several years since I worked on Polaris

    Itís certainly worth a try to pull the cover but you may have to wrangle out a bit more to find the right angle to get it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledman1 View Post
    So I have the linkage disconnected and the 4 bolts that hold the motor assembly ...
    It has been a long time since I last removed a Genesis reverse motor that was mounted on top of the pump tunnel. That said, I vaguely recall that the actuator arm* on the gearbox shaft must be removed before the motor can be lifted out.

    Look for a small hex head Allen set screw on the side of the actuator arm. Loosen that, then wiggle the arm off the reverse gearbox shaft.

    * This is the stubby arm that the reverse linkage from the reverse bucket connects to.

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    You don’t have to remove the plastic cover or the actuator arm. Use a drywall knife and remove more foam from above the motor. Drywall knife works best. It has about a 9” blade. You have to remove all the foam from above the motor. Cut as far to the rear as you can.

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