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    Engine running away on GTX Limited 951

    Just did a top end on my 99 GTX Limited. Got it back together.. started right up idled fine - let it warm up pretty good. Wacked the throttle a few times.. everything sounded good. Let it idle longer (all of this in my driveway on the hose), then wacked it few times.. somewhat slow to idle down, so I was like hmmmm did it again and the damn thing sat at 6000rpm. Hit the off button - nothing. Pulled the cord - nothing still sitting at 6000. pulled the plug wires... still sat there. BY this time I was nervous... pulled a plug and that killed it.

    Stupid me tried it again... same thing. Had to pull a plug to kill it.

    Called a buddy who is more into 2 strokes... he said use propane and check for an air leak. Also pull choke and it should kill it.

    Tried propane at idle - did not seem to race up at all. I let it run a long time - keep it under 4000rpm its fine. 5000-6000 it hangs and wont come down unless you choke it.

    Does anybody have any ideas??? Was trying to go riding this weekend..


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    951 engines are purposely jetted too lean to meet emmissions. This only occurs out of water. You don't have an air just need to jet your pilots richer. Are you running any flame arrestors? Going from 85 to 90 pilots will fix your problem, but you should jet down on the mains accordingly too.

    Next time it lean revs, or starts to lean rev...just pull the choke.

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