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    Need Help with seadoo boat:

    OK, on Dr Len`s boat ( I think it`s a 1800 challenger with twin 800`s) we installed new shaft protector on the port engine shaft. (Blue slip on plastic thing) you had to undo clamp from carbon seal boot to push in tangs to release the plastic shaft protector. It was a PITA to get off, rust found on drive shaft, anyways, put it all together with new wear rings props and hardwares. Starboard engine runs fine no cavitation. Port engine cavitates like a mofo . found carbon seal to be leaking. fixed leak but still has bad bad cavitation...what`s wrong here??? Thanks...Dr Len/...PR...

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    OK, this is what we learned: You cannot use the shaft protectors (weed things) when using aftermarket Skat props. The blue plastic protectors had the ends chopped up from the swirl blades on the props, even the starboard side that we didn`t touch was cut. So after removing the pumps and removing what was left from the plastic shaft protectors and checking both carbon seals, we put the boat back together and rushed back to the ramp to try it out. Perfect! boat ran great...
    was a good time wrenching with Lenny!...PR...

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    Thanks for your help last night last night Andy

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