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    2012 challenger 230 SP, upgrade from 215 to 260hp?

    Hi forum. What a great place.

    So i have a 2012 230 sp with 430hp, i need the superchargers rebuilt witch got me to the idea to do some research an a performance upgrade.

    I found the pwcmuscle kit to upgrade from 215 to 260, but will this work on a boat? I assume the impellers in the kit would not work, i would order the oem impellers from a 510hp boat to solve that issue.

    I am more afrade that the kits, that are built for skis, will confuse my boats display unit. Like will the sync still work? And so on.

    Any help and coments would be great!

    Cheers, patrick

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    the upgrade is external Intercoolers and the X charger- the 215 has them inside the intake manifolds. You remove them and add the external ones. Look at the engine diagram for the motors to see the plumbings required. You will probable gain 300 - 400 rpms do to the efficiency and new superchargers. you will need the 260 injectors also. it should have no effect on the display.

    Good luck.

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    Hi, thanks for your help.

    I was just told i already have the big injectors, could this be true?

    Also that i might have to add a free flow exhaust to make space for the intercooler, but there is lots of space so i dont think this should be a problem.

    Thanks, patrick

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    I am new owner of same boat. Thinking of doing the same upgrades. Any Ideas

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