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    96 SLX 780 Fuel problems

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the PWC world and have just bought a 1996 Polaris SLX 780. It ran great the first time I took it out. I was going to take it out last week and it wouldn't crank. It has the 3 outlet fuel pump. I checked all the hoses and nothing is clogged. It has plenty of gas. I removed the lines coming out of the pump and no gas is coming through. I removed the input line and I can draw gas from the tank so I know that is not clogged. I removed the pulse line and put my finger over the end with the engine turning over and I can feel it pulse. With the pulse line on should I be able to feel a vacuum while putting my finger over the fuel input? (I don't). Is there a better way to check the fuel pump? I can spray fuel in the carbs and it starts right up, but then dies when the fuel is used. Also, if it is the fuel pump, the dealer said the factory pump is 17/lph. I found one online they claim is a replacement but it is 35/lph. Will that matter? I know I can't go less, but is it okay to go more. Sorry for the long posting. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the hulk!!!
    Your pump is a 72lpm pump five sided.

    The pulse line is more like a suck and blow. Check your compression on the engine.

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    Fuel problems

    Thanks for responding so quick. I just checked the compression and I have 125 on # 1, and 122 on #2 and #3. The pulse line does suck and blow, but the input line that goes to the tank has no suction on it. I took the old pump apart and I don't see anything wrong inside (no tears or anything). I noticed the link you sent was to the 5 sided dual pump. Mine has the triple pump. The link you sent was for the same company that is trying to sell me the 35/lph pump.

    Do you think it will work or should I ite the bullet and buy the 200.00 from the dealer? I wouldn't mind spending the money if I knew the pump was bad. Any other suggestions?


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    Welcome to the hulk. The fuel pumps are rebuildable and much cheaper to do (I think $20) than buy a new one. You can get parts for it at or Atlantic has a 10% discount for Greenhulk members. Seriously consider replacing the fuel hose due to age with new transparent hose ($20), so you can see where the gas is. Make sure to re-install the restrictor in the return hose that is located about 1/2" to 1" away from the carbs. Also the fuel selector valve is known to obstruct the fuel flow on older models. It's $27 to replace.

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    Hi, I am currently useing a high volume mikuni pump with 2 outlets and have "T"ed them into the feed line between 1 and 2 and then between 2 and 3 carbs. This pump is not that expensive from a Marshall Distributor and seems to be working fine on my 95 780 mod that i'm turning 6900 to 7100 rpm with.

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    Make sure your fuel gauge is working , my stop and did not know that would not make it start but it did, it was my float not working and repaired it and it had something to do with the computer. After the fix it started right up. thanks to

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